Creating Eclectic Style

We all know women who have a knack for throwing random pieces of clothing together and creating a look that not only makes them stand out, but also causes them to appear incredibly stylish. Having an eclectic sense of style means that you can put together different fashion pieces that on the hanger seem like they wouldn't go together, but when you put them on, the overall look works. Start with some basic wardrobe pieces such as black pants, black skirts and stylish jeans which are great building blocks for any outfit. Also handy are black and white t-shirts. Take a basic component and pair it with a patterned blouse and/or a jacket. Try mixing different patterns. You won't know until you try it. As long as they have similar color elements, they'll go together.

Another way to create a statement look is to match colors counterintuitively or pair dressy pieces with basic pieces. The following are examples:

1. Black and brown can go together if it's done right. You could do a black t-shirt and jeans with a brown belt.

2. Pink and red are know as adjacent colors but if used correctly make a unique style.

3. Complimentary colors like purple and orange. (My personal favorite).

4. Different shades of the same color. This works great with blues.

5. Grab your sneakers and pair it with a nice dress. (I can't do this one yet)

6. Mix seasonal clothing such as shorts and a winter sweater.

Accessories are a great way to create an eclectic look. You can mix metals, sizes and colors. Bags, scarves, shoes and handbags will also help you to present a polished look to your mixed-patterned outfits or can be your statement piece. One last eclectic style can be your shoes which is another favorite of mine.

The best advice is to have fun with it. If you feel good about it, go for it! It's fun experimenting and it's amazing how your inner creative will find it's way out!

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